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Get the NATURAL BLOND TONE you want WITHOUT THE USE OF DYE and keep it shiny and luminous with all our products.


We have been specialists in the care and maintenance of all blond hair for over 100 years. Our products contain the highest percentage of 100% organic chamomile on the market and are specifically formulated for every type of hair, for adults and children.

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Main products

We have two types of products to get your NATURAL BLOND:

LIGHTENING LOTIONS. Lighten your color hair

SHAMPOOS, MASKS AND CONDITIONERS. Specially formulated for all blond hair types.


  • They are not dyes. They serve to gradually lighten the tone of the hair, making it blond. Hair dyes "colour" the hair, while Intea Cosmetics lotions lighten the hair's natural colour. 
  • Progressive results. While hair dyes change the colour immediately, Intea Cosmetics Lotions work progressively with each application. Hair gets lighter day by day and you can stop when you get the colour you like. 
  • Permanent results. When you lighten your hair with Intea Cosmetics, it does not darken again. When you have reached the desired shade, you can stop using the lotion on that area and just lighten the roots as they grow out.
  • Formulated by Pharmacists. Combining the highest concentration of organic chamomile flower extract on the market with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to accelerate its action. 
  • They do not contain metallic salts, ammonia and chemical dyes. 



  • We have 5 lightening lotions according to their intensity:
  1. NATURAL BLOND, the original and most powerful lightening agent.
  2. BLOND HIGHLIGHTS, the softer, more modern, alcohol-free formula with conditioner and mattifying pigments.
  3. CHILDREN'S LOTION, the gentlest, specifically for very fine or delicate hair.
  4. INTEA LIGHTS, illuminator to lighten dark hair, alcohol-free, with conditioner and mattifying pigment.
  5. INTEA BLOND, blonde hair illuminator, alcohol-free, with conditioner and mattifying pigment.
  • Lotions should always be used following the instructions for use.
  • If you have any questionswe will solve it quickly in our e-mail consultas@inteacosmetics.com
  • Intea Cosmetics Lotions should be used always on healthy, naturally coloured hair.
  • Intea Cosmetics Lotions should never be used on coloured hair.
  • Intea Cosmetics Lotions should not be used until 45 days after having carried out chemical styling treatments (keratin, chemical straightening, curling, perms, etc...). 
  • Intea Cosmetics Lotions can be used to maintain discolouration strands.


They are the ideal complement to the Intea Cosmetics Lotions lightening treatments, but they also can be used on all blonde hair typesenhancing its colour, shine, softness and health.

They do not contain hydrogen peroxide, metallic salts, ammonia or chemical dyes.

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What do our products do?

The lotions lighten the hair in a natural and progressive way, they are not dyes. When you get the desired tone you only have to maintain it with our shampoos and masks. That's it!


Lotions are used in a variety of ways very simple (DIRECT APPLICATION WITHOUT MIXING), natural (NON-DYES and AMMONIA-FREE), chest of drawers (IN YOUR OWN HOME) and to your liking (YOU CHOOSE THE FINAL SHADE). Also if you have coloured hair, you can use them by soaking a cotton pad and applying it ONLY on the new roots that are coming out, thus maintaining the blonde tone throughout the hair.

main points of sale

You can find our products on our website or Amazon. Click on the website of your choice to access the available range and buy directly.

Since 1915

Our company was founded in 1915 by Pelayo Beltrán González, a professional hairdresser, as an individual company under the name INTEA P. Beltrán. In 1979, his son and successor, the pharmacist José Ignacio Beltrán Villar, founded the company name Duarte y Beltrán S. A., owner of the INTEA® trademarks and patents.

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What our customers say

Our products have been satisfying millions of people around the world for over 100 years. You can check out reviews and comments from real users in different countries.


If you have any questions about how to use them, hair types or where to buy them, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.