Waxing or Bleaching? Learn What Is Best For Your Skin

An expert explains here the difference between the two processes and their action on the skin.

In your routine of care, the maintenance of body hair is probably one of the main tasks, but what is the best way to look beautiful without damaging the health of the skin?

Intea pharmacist J L Beltrán explains that the issue is quite subjective, since every woman has a preference, but when it comes to skin care, lightening the hair is less harmful than removing them altogether. “Hair removal is an aggression to the skin. Proof of this is that, depending on the method chosen, the skin can get stained and create folliculitis, popularly known as the ingrown hair, “he says.

In addition, waxing or shaving also removes the hydroliptic mantle from the skin, which is the natural oil layer that protects the skin, favoring irritations and dryness. “The use of depilatory creams can also cause allergies and blemishes on the most sensitive skin, not to mention the strong smell,” recalls J L Beltrán.

The healthiest option for the skin is to lighten the hair. “Lightening the body hair is a technique used by many women and requires little maintenance. It can be made at home any time of year, “says J L Beltrán. Intea has a whitening lotion for body hair that is formulated with natural chamomile extract, which protects the skin and whitens the hair gradually, giving a natural effect.

Without rinsing, the product has easy application, as it comes in spray. It does not stain the skin and has minimal risk of allergies and irritations. “Chamomile soothes the skin and the lotion has actives that help moisturize it while discoloring the hair,” says the pharmacist.

Do you have any questions about which is the best option for you?

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