The Importance Of Using A Hair Mask

Many women talk about this beauty product, which in most situations can create confusion at the time of purchase, due to the wide variety available in the cosmetics market and the lack of information. This post will show exactly the differences between the capillary masks and explain what each one of them can contribute to you to guarantee better results at the end of the treatment.

Hair mask

There are nutritional, rebuilding and moisturizing masks, each of which will have a different action on the hair. Making the right choice to solve your problem is fundamental because sometimes the hair does not respond properly to a treatment, simply because we use the wrong product to combat the problem, ie for each hair loss there is a type of hydration . The secret is in knowing what your hair really needs and that your hairdresser more than anyone else can help you.

  • Nourishing masks are made from oils extracted from natural sources, also described as butters from argan, macadamia, shea, olive and moroccan. This type of mask is great for those with dull and lifeless hair, because it nourishes the hair from the root to the tips leaving it visibly healthier and bulky.


  • Reconstructing masks are really for women who urgently need the rebuilding of damaged hair, often for the abusive use of chemicals. Another positive factor in rebuilding masks is the significant amount of keratin in your formula, which means that the more than 15 amino acids in keratin will give you more strength, elasticity and resistance to hair strands. This protein also helps in waterproofing against external factors, such as sun, sea, pool chlorine, so it is fundamental to replace this type of protein periodically and after its application there is no immediate need to use conditioner creams, since the Conditioners will make the hair heavier and lighter.


  • The moisturizing mask usually contains several vitamins that help the hair to become softer hydrated, it also helps seal the hair and prevent water from evaporating through the open or porous cuticles. Generally moisturizing masks are made up of ceramides, aloe vera, D-panthenol and oils in smaller amount.


Another important tip is to not let water enter the mask pot as this damages the product. You can take the pot out of the box and choose a utensil (it can be a medium spoon of coffee) to make the cream withdrawal. At the end, always rinse well.