Special care for Blonde Hair

The most wanted hair color salons: Blonde. It never disappoints or goes out of style.

But despite being the national preference, maintaining blonds hair can be intimidating for some women. After all, the doubts about maintenance and care can be endless. Now with the cold weather it is a little easier to maintain the health of the blonde strands, since the hair will not be exposed to the sun, sea water and pool chlorine.

In addition to finding the tone that most matches your beauty and personality, maintaining certain care before, during and after applying color is essential to keep your hair blond always up-to-date. And for this, using the right technique can make all the difference in the final result, and thus keep the hair healthy and hydrated.


Essentials to maintain a Blonde Hair


Choose well your shampoo

The strand of blonde hair is much more brittle and dry because of discoloration. Therefore, special care must be taken when cleaning  your hair. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos that wash without damaging the hair. You can also use moisturizing shampoos, which clean while leaving the hair hydrated.


Always Hydrate

The discoloration starts by opening the hair strand and removing the original pigment from it. In addition to the pigment, all the nutrients in the hair also go away together. This leaves the hair dry and damaged. That is why it is important to use a hair moisturizing once a week.


Don’t forget the conditioner.

The conditioner seals the scales that have been opened by the shampoo, holding the hydration inside the hair strand. In addition, it helps to close the hair cuticles that were opened during discoloration.


Protect from heat always

If you usually use dryer, flat iron and baby liss, be sure to never use a thermal protector, which will protect the wires from high temperatures.


Cut the ends regularly

The more chemical and longer the hair, the greater the risk of having split ends. The coloration leaves the hair dry and more prone to have damaged ends. A double tip can break and leave the hair even more fragile and vulnerable to breakage.


Never wash your hair in hot water

Avoid washing your hair thoroughly with hot water. It sensitizes the hairs leaving them rough, and they swell because of the heat. They have dilated cuticles, leaving hair softer than normal, and that dries it.


Our special line for blondes

We want to introduce you to the complete INTEA® Chamomile treatment line. Ideal for naturally lightening brown hair and for keeping blond hair or highlights. Prevents the darkening of strands, highlights and reflections. It helps to keep golden blonde tone and it returns the nutrients to the hair, leaving them shiny, moisturized and silky.