How bad it really is to sleep with your make up on?


Often with day-to-day tiredness, the last thing we remember is to cleanse our skin and remove the makeup before going to bed. But doing so constantly can bring problems to the dermis.


The time limit for having your makeup on is 12 hours. After this time the chances of clogging the pores are very large and it will prevent the dermis from breathing properly.




Our skin has cell renewal actions at night. This is due to increased production of collagen and elastin. But all this can be diminished because of the makeup that works as a kind of barrier, causing oxidative processes, release of free radicals and finally the dryness and loss of the skin.



Research shows that at least 1/3 of women sleep with make up on at least two times a week. Here’s how to avoid these problems quickly and safely:



5 Care Tips To Take


  1. Remove all your make up with natural based products, our suggestion is the INTEA® Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk. It removes deep impurities from the pores and fights the oiliness of the skin. And besides these benefits it is ideal for removing waterproof makeup.



  1. Wash your face with soap suitable for your skin type.



  1. Avoid using too hot water to rinse your face, give preference to warm or cold water.



  1. Use tonics to balance the pH of the skin, we have the INTEA® Rose Water Facial Tonic. Ideal for opaque, oily skin with dilated pores. It is deeply hidrating.



  1. Take extra care when removing eyelash makeup, as the majority of the makeup is highly fixated and should be gently removed. Never rub or try to remove the residue with your nails, this will cause the eyelashes to break or fall.



Understand that makeup can be used everyday, as long as it is not too heavy. But it is interesting and beneficial for your skin to have at least one day of rest in the week. Enjoy this day off from make up and give it a deeper cleansing with hydration. Your skin will thank you!