What is the real function of shampoo for your hair?

Basically the function of the shampoo is to remove dirt from the hair shaft and the scalp. The use of suitable products guarantees healthier and beautiful strands and may also contain active treatment principles. In addition, the shampoo has the function of preparing the hair to receive treatment. After all, no hair gets treated when it is dirty.

Some people say that shampoo can be anything and that its function is just to promote a great cleaning in the hair strands, but it is not only about this. A shampoo can really make a difference in a hair treatment. Be it a shampoo for daily use or deep cleansing.

The main ingredients of shampoos are surfactants. Surfactants are actually molecules that have detergent action capable of interacting with water and also with other non-water soluble molecules. As, for example, oils, fats, insoluble silicones, etc.


Which Shampoo to Choose?


The ideal is to use compatible shampoo for our hair type. If your shampoo is not providing the promised effect, there are high chances that you are using a product that is not suitable for your hair type. The pH of the scalp is usually between 3.8 and 5.6. The ideal pH for a shampoo of daily use is between 5.0 and 7.0. If the pH is greater than 7.0 the cuticles will open more easily.



Shampoo Function


The shampoo should meet the specific needs of each individual and for this he should basically meet the following items:

• Clean without damaging the hair or the scalp;

• Be easy to remove during rinsing;

• Have dense and creamy foam;

• Have a pleasant fragrance;

• Do not irritate eyes and mucous membranes.


Understanding The Different Types Of Shampoos

See the most varied types of shampoos available in the market for each type of hair and for each type of treatment:


Daily Shampoo: These are usually less aggressive products to the scalp and hair strands. Because they do not take the natural oils produced by the body and promote a basic cleaning in all types of hair. Daily shampoos are great for intermingling with other types of shampoos during the course of the week. They help minimize the more aggressive effects of other types of shampoos.


For Oily Hair: shampoos for oily hair usually contain solvents designed to remove as much oil as possible. Even though they are indicated for daily use, it is a good idea to change them to shampoos for normal hair at least once a week. To prevent hair from getting too dry and maintain the balance of natural hair oils and pH of the scalp.


Anti-Residues Shampoo: They are highly loaded with surfactants and eliminate in greater depth the oily bodies, keratin remains, dusts and cosmetics deposited on the hair shaft. This type of shampoo has an alkaline pH and therefore opens the cuticles of hair more quickly. If used in excess, it can cause dryness and impair the quality of hair. In contact with hair with progressive should avoid the use of this type of shampoo. Because it removes the progressive one more quickly, since it causes greater opening of the hair cuticles;


Shading Shampoo: This type of shampoo serves to correct the yellow coloration of the hair. It gives the wires a gray or even platinum tone if the chosen tone is already clear. As it is usually stronger, if left to act for a long time the hair tends to turn gray, so all care is little with this type of product. It is also more pigmented, and can be used biweekly or monthly for retouching or according to the conditions and shades of your hair.


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