Does Too Much Oil Prevent Hair Growth?

Keeping the health of the scalp is essential for the beauty and growth of the hair. Excess oil in the hair prevents its natural growth, as it needs a clean and healthy environment to start its cycle.



Fro some of you this is the daily story: You wake up, wash your hair, dry it, get ready for the day and by lunch time you can see that the oil begins to appear. At the end of the day, it increased and the next day the form and volume are already compromised.



Among the possible causes of excess oiliness we first have the physiological issues and hormonal changes. These cause the glands to produce more sebum. There are also external factors such as very hot showers and use of dryer at high temperatures. In addition to cosmetic influences such as shampoo not compatible with hair type and the overuse of conditioners and creams.



How then do you end with this problem, bringing back hair health and contributing to growth? Here are some precautions:



How To Fight The Excess Of Oil In The Hair


  • Wash your hair every other day, as anyone who has greasy hair can not neglect washing the hair. It is not recommended to stay two or three days without washing or washing two times a day.



  • Use shampoo for your hair type, as they have surfactants. Substances in charge of binding in fats and dirt and take them away with the rinse. Our suggestion is the INTEA® Oily Hair Line. With the power of mint it produces a deep cleansing of the threads and the hydration of the green tea removes the impurity of the pores, aiding the growth.



  • Avoid washing with hot water. This generates a dryness of the scalp and stimulates the glands to produce more oiliness. Therefore, experts recommend that you wash your hair with warm water or even cold water to avoid this effect.



  • Avoid using non-rinse creams and abusing the use of conditioners. One of the great reasons for the oiliness are the residues that remain in the hair and can generate fungus proliferation, increasing the amount of sebum in the place, preventing natural growth.