Myths and facts about washing your hair

Are you cleaning your hair correctly? Are you sure?

We spend our whole lives doing the same things, but are they correct? The way we wash our hair, for example, can be detrimental to hair rather than beneficial. See below what is right to do and what should change.

Right: wash your hair with warm, almost cold water. After all, the hot water removes the natural oil from the hair and scalp, drying the tips and stimulating the production of oil by the sebaceous glands.

Right: give a minimum interval of 2 days between each wash, thus avoiding the accumulation of chemicals and minerals from the water in the hair.

Wrong: use a very hot dryer and put it close to the hair as it burns it.

Wrong: leaving a little bit of conditioner in the hair to moisturize it. It will actually leave it heavy, dull and lifeless.

Wrong: put shampoo throughout all your hair. The correct way is to only put it only at the root and the scalp.

Right: put conditioner only on length and ends. Thus, excessive oiliness at the root is avoided.

Right: Dry your hair before combing it to not break the wires.

Right: use wood comb to avoid static electricity.

Wrong: Scrub the shampoo hard into the scalp. The movement should be gentle not to hurt the scalp or overestimulate the sebaceous glands.

Wrong: Rub the towel to remove moisture. This causes frizz and can break the wires.