How To Keep The Color And Shine on Dark Hair

We are so happy when we achieve the color of the hair we want, be it red, black or dark brown. Now the biggest challenge for dyed hair is to keep it moisturized, with the color alive and without losing the shine. So, what should we do to keep the color and shine of dark hair?


Keeping Your Hair Beautiful and Shiny


Care begins before coloring. When choosing the product, choose those that contain vegetable oils in its composition. This type of product can moisturize more hair and dry less.



Habits such as direct exposure to the sun, the use of dryers and flat iron without thermal protection can cause the color to fade and the hair to get an opaque appearance and reddish background. To avoid this effect the first step is to choose the double shampoo and conditioner, suitable for this type of hair.



Dark hair does not have to be synonymous with opaque and dull color. Therefore care is needed with products that rescue the quality of the hari, guaranteeing strength and health.


Our suggestion for this type of hair is our line INTEA® Walnut Extract, they include in its action astringent, soothing, toning and healing power. The walnut leaf has the function of enhancing the color of dark hair, providing intense shine and softness. It can also be used on already colored hair to protect the coloring, preventing against reddish by the sun and other external factors. Most importantly, the INTEA® shampoo and conditioner for dark hair helps in the fixing and durability of the dies.


Of course, as the hydration of the hair also comes from the inside out, so drink plenty of water. The health of your hair will thank you!