Hydrated hair is less likely to fall

Every day our body is renewed. For a new hair to grow, the old one separates from the scalp and falls. Each day, it is estimated that we loose 100 hairs a day. More than this amount, it can be a pathology.

According to the American research portal Statistic Brain, more than 800,000 people a year seek medical treatment against hair loss, a problem that affects self-esteem. One way to avoid the problem is by hydrating and strengthening the hIR. J L Beltrán, a pharmacist from Intea, remembers that the choice of shampoo and conditioner are of extreme importance to keep hair healthy.

“There is a myth that shampoo only cleans the hair and this is not true. If you use a product that is not indicated for your type of hair, you risk leaving it dry, lifeless and with a greater chance of falling, ” he stated.