How Pigmentation Determines your Hair Color

Although many people are born with a particular shade of hair, this does not mean that there will be no changes throughout life. Actually, the hair changes several times during our life. Such changes occur due to the production of melanin that is divided into two types: eumelanin and pheomelanin. These are pigments produced by melanocytes, which are nothing more than cells located in the lower layers of the skin, hair, eyes and inner regions of our body. Babies have fewer melanocytes, but as they grow and expose themselves to the sun, the production of these cells is increased in the body. That will give more intensity to the coloring of hair, eyes and skin.


How Hair Pigmentation Works


The Difference Between Pigments


Eumelanin is dominant, found in large quantities in hair with shades ranging from light brown to black. These color variations require a greater production of pigments. In the case of blondes, eumelanin is produced in less quantity, causing less pigmentation to the hair and automatically making it lighter. For those who are red, the production of pheomelanin is extremely large. It is responsible for hair that ranges from orange to reddish tones. These peculiar types of color may be more evident in Europeans and North Americans. The percentage of redheads is very small, about 3% only.


The amount of pigments acts as a tint meter from the darker hair to the lighter ones. That is, it works as a multi-colored carton in your palettes, making a mixture between eumelanin and pheomelanin. Obviously we can not choose the natural tone, because it is already described in the D.N.A of each one of us. Having as determining factors the region in which each person lives, their lifestyle, their food and fundamentally their genetic inheritance.


Choosing the desired color for your hair is now easier than you might think. There are several techniques and salons specialized in coloring and pre-pigmentation. This type of professional can give all assistance in choosing the tone and change your look in just a few hours, without suffering and without pain.


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