Learn Which Hair Cut Combines More With Your Type of Face

Who hasn’t imagined the perfect cut, with the trendiest colors or even more, who never took a magazine in the hairdressing salon to be based on some model with the traits similar to yours? This is extremely normal because many people can not identify exactly what their face type is, so it’s hard to decide which cut will look best.

In order for haircuts to match more with you, it is necessary to know exactly what your face type is, but this is not a very easy task to do, however there are some tricks that can help you figure out your face type without the help of a professional visagist:

  1. In front of the mirror, pull all your hair back, this will help you see the contour of your face to the beginning of the root of the hair;
  2. After doing so, observe the height, width of the forehead, and the expressiveness of the eyebrows;
  3. Also note the lower side of the face, height and width of the chin


Types of face:


With the information of these three tips you will be able to know if your face is rectangular, oval or round. See each particularity of these three types of faces:

Rectangular face: It has straight lines in the regions of the chin and forehead, but the cheekbones are not so obvious;

Oval face: It has delicate curves in the region of the chin and the forehead a little higher with good evidences in chin;

Round face: Has obvious curves on the cheekbone, chin and forehead with rounded and minor features.

The cuts should always follow a line of contrast with some key points for each type of face, this technique of visagismo will be fundamental to give the charm and all the differential that you look for.


For those who have a rectangular face, they can have peaky and more bulky cuts in their total proportion. This type of face also allows cuts in different lengths, the most usual styles are bangs or a shorter cut a little below the line of the chin. these two cuts are super trendy, either for totally straight hair or for hair with slight curl. However, it is important to avoid cuts that accentuate the square angles of the face, such as short bangs or straight shapes. Avoid cuts above the chin line, this accentuates the straight features of the face leaving it even more square and not very expressive.

For those who have the oval face type, try not to give too much volume on the top of the cut, but from the cheekbones, this will make the thinner region of the face proportional to the larger part , which is in the forehead region. You can also opt for the shredded cut, with hair falling on the face or with short and straight fringes. Another option is to cut the hair at chin height or at long length, straight or layered, with the shredding starting from the chin. Avoid giving too much volume to your hair, it will decrease the width of the face.

For those with a round face the most indicated cuts are medium or long, the layers should start at a height above the chin line, to shape the face and thus create more volume, the shredded side fringes also called fringes are the best options to sharpen the face. This helps to disguise large side traces as it transfers the volume to the top of the head, giving a better balance to the look. However, avoid the short, full fringe at the height of the eyebrows as it will leave your face even more round.

Another super important tip is to choose the shade of the hair according to your skin tone and hair type. Now just enjoy and look beautiful!