1 What is the Camomila Intea Lotion?

It is a mixture of chamomile flower extract and active ingredients that gradually lightens the hair to natural blond.

2 Is it a dye?

No, it’s a vegetal-based lotion that brightens the hair and doesn’t stain or leave residues.

3 Does it contain ammonia or similar?


4 Does it contain hydrogen peroxide?

Yes, in very small quantity.

5 Can it dye gray hair?

No, but it does clarify the rest of the hair, disguising gray hairs.

6 How does it work?

It acts progressively by clearing natural hair pigments, so the blonde color obtained is permanent and does not disappear after washing. As a vegetal-based lotion action the result is progressive and smooth. Therefore, depending on the hair’s strength and original color, it will need a different number of applications to obtain the desired blonde. For first time use, it is recommended to try applying Camomila Intea Lotion in a lock of hair to check the resulting tone.

7 How do I use it?

As a general rule, it must be used on recently washed and still wet hair as follows: Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. Dry your hair with a towel and apply Camomila Intea Lotion on damp hair trying to soak uniformly both the hair and roots, helping to spread it well with a plastic comb. Once applied, let it work at least 30 minutes and dry your hair in the sun or with a hairdryer.
It may be used on hair that has not been previously washed, applying the lotion directly over the dry hair or moistening it with lukewarm water and drying the water excess with a towel.

8 Is it necessary to wash or rinse hair after using it?

No, however, some users prefer to do. In that case they must leave on Camomila Intea Lotion at least 45 minutes before doing so.

9 Can I use a mask after applying lotion Chamomile Intea?

Yes, especially in case of dry hair, but you must leave the lotion on for about 45 minutes. We recommend using the Camomila Intea Hair Mask, specially designed for blond hair.

10 For what type of hair is it recommended?

In general it is recommended for hair whose original color is between medium brown to dark blond. It is very useful to return the original blond hair for those who were blond and have gone darker with time.
It is not recommended for hair whose original color is very dark or black.

11 Is it useful for hair dyed with chemical dyes?

Yes, but always make a test first on a lock of hair, because it can produce unwanted colors.

12 Is it possible to use chemical dyes on hair that have been lightened with Camomila Intea Lotion?

Yes, it can be dyed to any color but you should wait at least 30 days after the last application of the lotion Camomila Intea.

13 Does the sun help lighten your hair?

Yes, because it enhances the action of Chamomile Intea in a natural way.

14 Is it compatible with hairdessing streaks?

Yes, and it also helps to keep them.

15 Can it be applied more than once a day?

After its first use, you can apply it two or three times a week if you want to lighten your hair more quickly to the desired tone. We do not recommend more applications. Once achieved, a weekly application to the roots is often enough to clarify the new hair growth.

16 Can it be used on permed or straightened hair?

Permed or straightened hair is weak, so we recommend using Camomila Intea Lotion 45 days after straightening or permanent treatment.

18 Can the color obtained after using Camomila Intea Lotion be lost after hair washing?

No, especially if it is washed with Camomila Intea Shampoo, which helps to maintain the blond color, providing shine and reflection. Then, just go with applying lotion on the new hair growth.

19 How can you resolve any other questions I may have?

Before first using Camomila Intea Lotion, we recommend you to read the prospectus contained in the box and, if you have any questions, please send us an email to