The right care for your scalp

Lack of scalp care can cause dandruff, scaling, excess oil and even damage hair nutrition. To have beautiful and silky hair, it is not enough to treat only the hair. The treatment of a strong and healthy hair begins at the root, because that is what defines how the hair behaves. Being more or less rebellious, they guarantee the shine of the hair and mainly a healthy growth.


Care of the scalp

Here are some precautions needed to ensure healthy roots, stronger hair and more resistant to falling and breaking:


• One of the most important steps for a healthy root is to never leave your hair dirty for too long. Oily hair can be washed daily. Normal hair can take a one day interval and dry ones can be cleaned three times a week. But of course, this is not a rule. Each hair reacts in a way, and therefore the ideal is to test and analyze the results.


• When washing, care must be taken with the temperature of the water. Very hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands, dries the keratin hair aggressively and causes the hair cuticles to open. And as a result, the hair breaks more easily. Our tip is to always wash with lukewarm water and of course, if you can, cold water.


• Rinse the hair thoroughly. The accumulation of products in the root of the hair can clog the pores of the scalp, which is where the hairs come out of, hampering the nutrition of the hairs. Avoid to the maximum applying conditioners and creams directly in the root.


• Hydration is also a powerful ally for those who suffer from dryness on the scalp and flaking, which can be caused mainly by the drop in temperature. There are specific products to hydrate the scalp without leaving them looking greasy or obstructing the pores. It is worth remembering that products that moisturize the scalp, are not the same ones used for the hydration of the hair.


 A More Few Tips

• Abusing chemicals can detonate the hairs and the same danger runs down the scalp. Because they are products that contain acids, they can burn the scalp and cause scaling. Ideally, the practitioner should take a sensitivity test before applying the product and have a longer interval between procedures. If you want to be blonde without hitting the threads and using natural products, our suggestion is INTEA® Natural Blonde Lotion, which naturally lightens up to 3 shades of hair.

Care of the scalp

• When we use hair dryer and flat iron we protect the hair strands, but what about the protection of the roots? There are no products that can mitigate the damage of excessive heat by such procedures on the scalp. So when using the dryer the ideal is to keep the distance of on average 15 centimeters from the root, and try to use less the irons.

• Food is also a strong ally for scalp nutrition. The hairs are composed of substances that we acquire through feeding. So a balanced diet is important for the nutrients to reach the scalp, and as a result you’ll have a healthy and shiny hair!