3 Steps To Achieve a Powerful Hair

What all women seek seems to be quite simple: a hair that has gloss, softness and movement. And this is true for those who have smooth, curly, wavy, undefined, Afro hair and so on.


But how do you get this result? Keep reading and learn how to get by following only 3 steps!


3 Steps To Achieving Powerful Hair


Care begins with the choice of shampoo and conditioner, which are the most frequently used products. A lot of people do not value this pair, but surely it will make all the difference to the beauty and health of the hair.


The first step is to make this choice the right way by looking at your hair type. And more than that: define what the biggest problem of your hair. If it is breakage, fall, porosity, fragility, dryness, greasiness, lack of brightness, among others. The most important thing is to use the right product for your hair type.


The second step to having hair full of power is a beautiful cut. Understand your face type. The cut should match your face shape and the tint of the strands should be tied to your skin tone.


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And finally, the third and last step is: plan your new look bit by bit. See expert magazines, and notice more about others. Try to identify those that have characteristics similar to yours and never make drastic changes if you still have questions. Talk to an experienced professional and get all the possible tips about the trends and the actual situation of your hair.