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Use the hairdryer!

Use the hairdryer!

Use a hair dryer to enhance the lightening power of our Chamomile Hair lotions. It also works being under the sun, but when that’s not possible, the hairdryer will do it! 🙂

Hair care. Intea® Line for prevents hair loss and it’s very effective against dandruff.

  INTEA® products for hair care balances the skin pH controlling the emission of fat. They are very effective against dandruff and against hair loss. Know INTEA® Hair Care Line     HAIR LOSS VERI® Lotion. Prevents Dandruff 8,7 fl.oz format   Action Indicated to strengthen white hair and protect the scalp. Ideal also to…

Facial and body care. Intea® Line with rose flower, aloe vera and rosemary extract

  Intea® Skin Products provide a natural facial cleansing. Made with the power of the roses that tone and balance the PH of the skin, controlling the emission of oil. It also renews dead skin cells and removes makeup remnants leaving your skin soft and silky.   Meet the Intea® Facial Line     CLEANSING…

Dark hair. Intea® Line with walnut leaf extract for dark and brunette hair

  The Intea Line with walnut leaf extract is especially suitable for medium to dark brown hair. Its active ingredients help to enhance the natural color and the duration of the dyes, and protects them against external factors.   Introducing the Intea® Line with walnut leaf extract for dark and brunette hair      …

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