Haircuts for Straighter Looking Hair

Cutting your hair may have the function of changing the appearance of the hair, to reducing or increase it the volume.

However, let’s make it clear that it does not alter the structure of the hair.

It only has the power to make hair more aligned and behaved, giving a smoother appearance. Not even when the hair is completely shaved the hair grows differently. This means that the cut is made superficially and is not capable of affecting the genetics of your hair.


We’ll give you some tips that can make your hair look smoother and flatter.



And what about super curly hair that wants a more polished look? These will need to deal with the hairbrush and the irons.

The straight hair allows you to be more daring when it comes to cutting, with peaks or angles. Avoiding layers and textures on the strands will make it heavier and therefore more aligned.

Therefore, to achieve hair even smoother and straight, with movement or slight undulations in length, the ideal is to invest in a tighter cut, with all the hair all in the same size.

For women who already have straight hair but want to add the flatter effect they should invest in a cut that leaves the hair in the shape of a “U”, with slight gradient at the ends.

The desire to show straight hair is common to many women, who will get the most varied types of treatments and products that promise super polished hair. But be very careful. Choose carefully the professional and products that will be used in your hair. The fiber thickness and the hair density should be taken into account. And always make a test to see if the hair holds the product that will be used.

After choosing the ideal cut, to always maintain an incredible look, it is important to continue taking care of the hair with biweekly moisturizing, choosing the best mask option for your hair type.