Food that can help with Hair Growth

In the vast majority of cases the hair grows 1 cm each month, however there are factors that can help to activate this growth. One is to ensure in our nutrition all the nutrients that the body needs to form the hair and improve local blood circulation. Such care helps in boosting hair growth and causes hair to grow a little more than 1 cm per month. As well as getting stronger and beautiful hair.

Hair health should start from the inside out, having a balanced and healthy diet, and control habits such as cigarettes and excess alcohol, help improve the overall health of the body and that would make a difference in skin and hair . Choose to include lots of fruits, vegetables and legums in your daily diet, as well as drinking lots of water. Protein, iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C are essential for hair health.


See the best sources to get the necessary nutrients and keep your hair always beautiful and growing:


Egg: Extremely rich in proteins and low cost. Very easy to acquire and can be consumed, cooked, fried or beaten in the form of omelets;

Arugula: Vegetable rich in iron. Easy to find at supermarkets. Usually consumed in refreshing salads;

Milk: Popular drink of easy access and low cost. Extremely rich source of calcium;

Chestnut: Rich in selenium and vitamins of the B complex;

Oyster: Species of mollusk rich in amounts of Zinc. Its consumption is versatile, being able to be used in diverse types of hot or cold dishes;

Bovine liver: It has low cost and auto levels of B vitamins and proteins;

Orange: Fruit rich in vitamin C. Great stimulator of the production of collagen, not only for the hair, but also for the skin and nails;

Red and white meats: It has a mix of all the mentioned nutrients, but its isolated consumption does not dispense the consumption of the other foods.


Hair Care:


External factors also hinder the smooth development and growth of wires. Not only does the dulling of the scalp hamper their quality, but it can also cause fungus.

This triggers the scaling and clogging of the pores of the scalp, preventing the hair from coming out.

Let your head breathe. While you wash your hair, you should do a good massage throughout the scalp with the tips of the fingers. This action increases local blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

For those who do not have the habit or need to wash their hair every day, the ideal is to comb them for a few minutes daily, preferably at night. This habit also improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes the constant stretching of the hair.