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Shampoo and Spray

Shampoo and Spray

Go blonder with Chamomile. Spray and shampoo that will lighten your hair progressively until reaching your perfect shade:   NATURAL BLOND HAIR LOTION CAMOMILA INTEA® 3,4 fl.oz format (Spray) Action Active ingredients: natural extracts from chamomile flowers and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to gradually lighten natural brown hair and dark blond hair. It…

Hair care. Intea® Line for prevents hair loss and it’s very effective against dandruff.

  INTEA® products for hair care balances the skin pH controlling the emission of fat. They are very effective against dandruff and against hair loss. Know INTEA® Hair Care Line     HAIR LOSS VERI® Lotion. Prevents Dandruff 8,7 fl.oz format   Action Indicated to strengthen white hair and protect the scalp. Ideal also to…

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