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Complete treatments for lightening and blond hair care, oily hair, dark hair, skin and body care.


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Oily hair and hair loss

Too much oil in your scalp can lead to hair loss. Did you know that excess of oil on the scalp can cause your hair to fall? It is that the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands can clog the hair bulb, harming the birth and growth of new hairs. ...

Hot showers are bad for your hair!

Some habits adopted at this season can damage the health and beauty of your hair. On the cold days, all we want is a hot shower, right? Wrong! In addition to removing the natural oil from your scalp, hot water also dries your hair. This causes a ...

Pollution: Your skin’s worst enemy

To maintain the health and beauty of the skin, it is important to clean it deeply every day. Those who live in big cities, suffer from the effects of pollution on their health and also on their beauty. Your skin is one of the organs that most ...

Colder Days = More Frizz

The drop in temperature can directly affect the beauty of the hair. It turns out that the relative humidity of the air is lower at this time of year, which favors the appearance of frizz, which is nothing more than the creepy hairs that ...



Choose a line to see all the INTEA® products that they contain.

  • Camomila Intea®. Line with chamomile flowers extract.

  • Oily hair. Intea® Line with green tea and mint Intea

  • Dark hair. Intea® Line with walnut leaf extract for dark and brunette hair

  • Facial and body care. Intea® Line with rose flower, aloe vera and rosemary extract

  • Hair care. Intea® Line for prevents hair loss and it’s very effective against dandruff.

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