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Complete treatments for lightening and blond hair care, oily hair, dark hair, skin and body care.


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How Pigmentation Determines your Hair Color

Although many people are born with a particular shade of hair, this does not mean that there will be no changes throughout life. Actually, the hair changes several times during our life. Such changes occur due to the production of melanin that ...

Learn About The Phases Of Hair Growth

Our hair goes through a natural capillary process, which serves to protect the scalp from factors like cold, rain, heat, pollution and other external agents. The strand of our hair is formed by two main parts: the cuticle which is the outermost ...

Food that can help with Hair Growth

In the vast majority of cases the hair grows 1 cm each month, however there are factors that can help to activate this growth. One is to ensure in our nutrition all the nutrients that the body needs to form the hair and improve local blood ...

Use the hairdryer!

Use a hair dryer to enhance the lightening power of our Chamomile Hair lotions. It also works being under the sun, but when that’s not possible, the hairdryer will do it! 🙂



Choose a line to see all the INTEA® products that they contain.

  • Camomila Intea®. Line with chamomile flowers extract.

  • Oily hair. Intea® Line with green tea and mint Intea

  • Dark hair. Intea® Line with walnut leaf extract for dark and brunette hair

  • Facial and body care. Intea® Line with rose flower, aloe vera and rosemary extract

  • Hair care. Intea® Line for prevents hair loss and it’s very effective against dandruff.

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